Philosophy and more by George Sowers

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A Coherent & Compelling Worldview

Philosophy has been my passion for most of my adult life. Join me as I reveal the results of my decades-long pursuit of truth. Most of these results are contained in my book, The Philosophy for the Future: A Journey Through the Heights. My philosophy is a synthesis of science and philosophy. I set out first to develop a coherent overall worldview as implied by the methods and results of science and then to find what philosophical conclusions are implied by this overall scientific worldview. The main themes are pragmatism as an overarching intellectual value and power, which I define as capability.

What I have found is that this worldview is coherent and compelling, backed by all the facts at our disposal. It explains nearly every aspect of the world we perceive and its sphere of explanatory power is expanding daily. But more importantly, the scientific worldview is not bleak and impersonal as some would maintain but delivers deep and profound meaning for all humanity. There is a purpose as well, a sweeping destiny of inspiration and challenge.

If you are seeking purpose and meaning in the modern world and are compelled by the rationality of science, but feel there must be something more; then you should read The Philosophy for the Future: A Journey Through the Heights.


Thank you for your interest. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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