Philosophy and more by George Sowers

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Delve Into My Thoughts on Space Exploration

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I am passionate about humanity's destiny in space. As a result, I write about it quite often. Below you can read some of my thoughts on space exploration and download my more extensive writings on the topic.


The Transhumanist Case for Space

For a few years, I was interested in the transhumanist movement. I was a contributing editor of the transhumanist society online journal for a brief period. Although I was sympathetic and in agreement with the overall objective of favoring technological enhancement of humans, I thought that expansion into space was just as important. The Transhumanist Case for Space is an argument for a transhumanist focus on space exploration.

The Case for Space

In April 2011 I gave a keynote speech about The Case for Space at the AIAA student conference dinner at the University of Alabama. Later, I wrote an op-ed length version of The Case for Space that was published in the Denver Post in March 2015.

Stars and Space Clouds

The New Space Economy

I believe one key to getting humanity out into space for good is creating economic conditions that allow the energy of private enterprise to drive the process. I gave a speech titled The New Space Economy in Austin, Texas, in May of 2010 that outlines an approach to achieve just that. Space News later published the speech as an op-ed piece.

In October 2011, I gave a speech at the annual meeting of the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) in Boulder, Colorado, called Growing the Space Economy.

Also in October 2011, I testified before the US Congressional House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology and with Elon Musk and others. I advocated investments in NASA's commercial crew program, and you can read a transcript of my testimony.

I also wrote a short piece titled Creating Rockets that was published in April 2015 by the Denver Post.