Philosophy and more by George Sowers

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Mountain Peaks


I’ve started a blog to share my current ideas on Philosophy, Science, Space and Politics. Please follow the link and take a look. One advantage of the blog format is that you can make comments or suggestions. Keep in mind that the ideas expressed are entirely my own and do not reflect the positions of my former employers or current clients.

Those who have read my book or any of my other writings will know that I have opinions that are often controversial. I may take a controversial position just because I think the debate is interesting and fruitful. Unlike some current sentiment in academic circles, I do not believe ideas, per se, can cause harm or do violence. On the contrary, I am a firm believer in the free expression of ideas and that the best way to counter ideas you consider distasteful or harmful is to offer better ideas and sound reasoning to support them. So, if you are in search of a safe space, do not visit my blog.

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